Oil and Gas:

Oklahoma Supreme Court Addresses Sources of Revenue for Payment of Lienable Claims

Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Reverses 2015 Order Granting Motion for Class Certification in Strack v. Continental Resources, Inc., 2017 OK CIV APP 53

The Force Majeure Clause in the Time of COVID-19

Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Addresses Off-Unit Commencement Activities

The Oklahoma Supreme Court Granted Certiorari to Decide the Issue of When the Statute of Limitations Begins to Run For Disputes Arising Over the Payment of an Overriding Royalty Interest.

Cannabis Law:

2022 Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Legislative Update

Different Types of Cannabis Licenses

H.B. 2272 - Oklahoma Cap on Medical Marijuana Businesses Act of 2021

Real Property:

The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Addresses Whether the District Court's Finding That the Parties Owned Certain Property in Equal Shares was Proper.

Affidavit for All Deeds Filed of Record

Trusts and Estates:

I am Social Distancing But Still Want to Work on an Estate Plan. What Can I Do?

Why Non-Residents Should Have Their Estate Plan Reviewed by an Oklahoma Estate Planning Attorney.

What Happens to Your Property If You Do Not Have a Last Will and Testament or a Trust