Our practice areas

Counseling Clients Through Industry-Related Disputes

Munson & McMillin attorneys have helped a wide variety of oil and gas industry participants achieve a successful resolution of their business disputes. We are resolute in advocating for our clients and experienced in litigating oil and gas matters, including:

  • Competing claims of ownership
  • Oil and gas lease cancellations;
  • Enforcement of implied covenants;
  • Operating agreement and joint interest billing disputes;
  • Operator liens and removal;
  • Rights of ingress and surface damage disputes;
  • Oil and gas lease brokerage issues; and
  • Breach of industry-related contracts.

Lucas J. Munson is the practice leader of our Oil and Gas Litigation section. For more information, please contact Lucas at lmunson@munsonmcmillin.com or by contacting our office.

Oil and Gas Ventures Begin, and Sometimes End, with Title

Beginning at the turn of the twentieth century when the Nellie Johnstone No.1 well began to flow near what is now Bartlesville, Oklahoma, the mineral estate and fee estate increasingly were severed from one another, many thousands of shallow oil and gas wells were drilled - some still producing - and at least as many leasehold deals were done. Further, most of this activity was occurring in what formerly was known as Indian Territory. These considerations all contribute to render mineral title in Oklahoma very complex. Most of our lawyers are experienced examiners familiar with the complexities inherent in Oklahoma mineral title. Our clients' reliance on our experience and knowledge has caused Munson & McMillin to have an active oil and gas title examination practice, including:

  • Drilling title opinions;
  • Division order title opinions;
  • Acquisition title opinions; and
  • Mortgage title opinions.

Michael J. McMillin is the chair of our Titles and Transactions section. For more information, please contact Michael at mmcmillin@munsonmcmillin.com or by contacting our office.

The Economy Is Driven By Business, But Business Does Not Always Go Smoothly

When a business faces a dispute, legal counsel is often needed before, during, and after the matter reaches a courtroom. Attorneys at Munson & McMillin aim to counsel and advocate for clients in business litigation matters in a manner targeted to best serve the client’s long-term interests. The firm caters to small business by assisting business owners in ownership agreements. Munson & McMillin attorneys have broad experience in business litigation in state and federal court both at the trial and appellate levels. Munson & McMillin can assist clients in business litigation matters, including:

  • Ownership agreements;
  • Breach of contract matters;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty litigation;
  • Business torts litigation;
  • Litigation defense for employers; and
  • Other business-related matters.

April Bergdall Eberle is the chair of our Business Litigation practice area. For more information, please contact April at aeberle@munsonmcmillin.com or by contacting our office.

Commercial Law and Bankruptcy

Munson & McMillin provides legal services for commercial law matters and creditors’ rights in bankruptcy matters. The firm provides representation to creditors in commercial and consumer bankruptcy matters under Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13 whether on motions for relief from the automatic stay, filing proofs of claims, objections to plans of reorganization, and adversary proceeding litigation. The firm represents business clients in a variety of bankruptcy litigation matters, including:

  • Fraudulent transfer claims;
  • Turnover actions;
  • Preference actions;
  • Non-dischargeability actions; and
  • Denial of discharge litigation.

April Bergdall Eberle is the chair of our Commercial Law and Bankruptcy practice area. For more information, please contact April at aeberle@munsonmcmillin.com or by contacting our office.